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OutLook by the Bay magazine is devoted to the interests of the active Chesapeake Bay area baby boomer and senior.  Our mission is to inform our readers of issues that directly pertain to them, be it lifestyle, finances, health, nutrition, housing or activities geared toward the “Bay Boomer.”  Our writers use an upbeat, chatty, motivational and informative style, always presenting a positive approach to life.  We have columns devoted to health, fitness, investments, travel, interesting finds, gardening and discoveries in the Bay area.

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With over 1.6 million Boomers in the Bay area, our audience is ready made. Our typical reader is over 50, retired or a part-timer.  He/she has disposable income, is active, curious, well informed, well traveled and is often involved in volunteer work.

OutLook publishes 17,000 copies per issue, mailing 12,000 to targeted households with an additional 5,000 distributed throughout the Bay area at the following locations: doctors’ offices, hospitals, senior centers, real estate offices, book stores, health and fitness centers, tennis clubs, various social clubs, libraries, restaurants, specialty stores, select Eastern Shore locations, and of course, at all of our advertisers.

The magazine is published bi-monthly and is free of charge but available by subscription at $24.95 per year.

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