Gifts for a Home-Bound Friend

Are You Looking for the Perfect Gift

for a  Home-Bound Friend?

By Penelope Folsom

Most of us draw a blank when we try to find just the right gift for a friend who is home-bound. Here’s a list that should help with ideas for gifts that anyone would love to find under their Christmas tree.

  • Large-print books and crossword puzzles  found locally or at  Mechanical pencils with erasers would make a nice accompaniment.
  • Stamps as well as pens and stationery. An assortment of greeting cards that can be sent to commemorate various occasions would be ideal. Any local paper store would carry a wide selection.
  • Newspaper or special interest magazine subscriptions found at any of these websites:  or or or
  • A warm washable throw or small blanket found at
  • Exercise equipment that can be used while sitting. A good selection is offered at
  • www. has a varied selection of medical alert necklaces or bracelets.
  • carries an interesting array of digital frames that can be loaded with favorite pictures that change every 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Solo games and jigsaw puzzles found at Wal-Mart or Barnes and Noble are always a hit. Solitaire can also be played on line at Careful, it’s addictive.
  • Audio book subscriptions can be found and are free at or The latter charges a small fee, but carries an extensive list.
  • A lap desk for letter writing and to hold a computer could be the best gift ever and can be found at
  • And to truly get into the holiday spirit, a decorated, table top Christmas tree found at that can be delivered for free to the door.

            Perhaps the most welcome gift would be a visit.  Bring along a basket of goodies filled with such things as Christmas cookies, a couple of paperback books, a good magazine, a DVD or CD if electronic equipment is available, a Christmas candle and a sprig of holiday greens.


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