Is This the Year to Join a Health Club?

Is This the Year to Join a Health Club? By Leah Lancione “Oh no,” you say. “Not again. Not another plea to make a New Year’s resolution involving diet and exercise!” OK, I won’t do my usual spiel about how your food choices affect your health, both short- and long-term, and how adding daily exercise […]

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SCHERENSCHNITTE The Art of Paper cutting

  SCHERENSCHNITTE The Art of Paper cutting By Joan Amundsen Webster’s dictionary defines Scherenschnitte as the art of cutting paper into decorative designs with scissors. Paper cutting began hundreds of years ago in China, but really came into prominence in the 1800s with the German immigrants who came to this country and settled in Pennsylvania. […]

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Make a Kodak Moment

    “The Memories You Left Behind” Make a Kodak Moment By Joan Amundsen   “Good morning, yesterday You wake up and time has slipped away And suddenly it’s hard to find The memories you left behind Remember, do you remember The times of your life?” Whenever I hear those lyrics sung by Paul Anka, […]

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It’s Time to Let Your Inner Artist Out

It’s Time to Let Your Inner Artist Out By Jane Ferguson           Have you ever wanted to try oil painting, but for any number of reasons decided, “I just couldn’t or shouldn’t ….” Or, “I just wouldn’t want to be a beginner at this stage in my life.” Or perhaps you’re thinking, “I can’t even […]

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Art View: Smithsonian American Art Museum

Art View Smithsonian American Art Museum—One of the Nation’s Treasures By Tricia Herban   We all know that the primary reason to visit a museum is to see the objects preserved and presented there and to learn about history and civilization in a new way. But in Washington, there is another reason as well. With […]

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Art in Historic Stevensville

Art in Historic Stevensville By John Church Art is vibrant in Historic Stevensville. That’s the first exit on the eastern side of the Bay Bridge. Close to the Rustico Restaurant, artists thrive in several studios. Marion LeMoal and Maureen Bannon work in oils and watercolors there next to photographers, potters, jewelry makers and other artists […]

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ArtView – Spring 2011

Washington, DC  Dumbarton Oaks Museum  This unusual show includes more than 200 objects relating to the image of the cross.  That image is shown in works drawn from Dumbarton Oaks’ extensive collection of Byzantine art as well as in pieces loaned from collections throughout the world.  These iconic and multifaceted motifs allow for a comprehensive […]

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