Power Up en Mass – Its more fun with friends

Power Up en Masse It’s more fun with friends  By Penelope Folsom Heard enough about all the wonderful benefits of exercise? Ready to get out there and be a part of this expanding group of hard bodies with firm muscles and great pecs? Well, something like that. There are many organized groups in the area […]

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Getting Back on Your Bike – Terrific at Any Age

Getting Back on your Bike – Terrific at Any Age! By Joanne R. Alloway            Most of us must work in different ways to stay in shape as we age. I felt this profoundly when my knees began hurting, my hair rebelled at swimming in chlorinated pools and my gym visits dwindled to twice weekly. […]

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Biking for Fun and Exercise

Biking for Fun and Exercise By Kathryn Marchi  Who doesn’t love autumn?  The heat may still be around in September and early October, but the humidity is greatly diminished and the evenings are definitely cooler.  Swimming may be over for those with outdoor pools but lots of people still walk, run and play tennis to […]

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