But I Failed High School French!

BUT I FAILED HIGH SCHOOL FRENCH! Learn That Foreign Language Again the Easy Way By Louise Whiteside Did you dread hearing the bell ring, indicating it was time for 11th grade French class? And did you sit there, hoping and praying that the teacher wouldn’t call on you to conjugate a verb? Or, worse yet, […]

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Working Your Way Out to Sea

Working Your Way Out to Sea By Kathryn Marchi In the past, one of the most frustrating things about being a “senior” citizen was the fact that we have so much experience and knowledge and no one wants to hear it! In today’s world, however, the number of seniors has risen to the point that […]

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It’s Never too Late to Go Back to School

It’s Never too Late to Go Back to School By Leah Lancione Now that Summer has come to a close and students are back in school you may be thinking fondly of your days spent in academia. On the other hand, maybe you never went to college and always wished you had. Well, it’s never […]

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Should the Mature Adult be Allowed Near a Computer?

Should the Mature Adult be Allowed Near a Computer? By Terry Portis, PhD Stories and videos of older adults being technologically awkward or clueless abound on the Internet. A cringe-worthy commercial from Europe shows an older man using his new iPad as a cutting board. Another shows an older lady pasting pictures of a vacation […]

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Back to School – Now More Fun Than Ever!

Back to school – Now More Fun Than Ever! By Edree Downing           Whether it’s called lifelong learning, adult learning or continuing education, going back to school is a huge opportunity for seniors. There are a vast number of courses offered, whether you want to learn more about a subject or to perfect a skill […]

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Old Dogs, New Tricks

Old Dogs, New Tricks By Terry Portis Some clichés are wrong. “You can’t teach an old dog, new tricks” is one of them. It might take longer to teach old dogs new tricks, but they can still learn. They might also need a nap after performing the trick. The point is that you are never […]

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Make it to Print: Self-publishing

Make it to Print: Self-publishing By Melissa Conroy           You’ve always said you’d write a book, and you finally have a manuscript ready. However, as any published author will tell you, an even bigger challenge is finding a publisher willing to take on your book. The world today contains hordes of would-be authors clamoring for […]

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Schoolhouse Rock, Take Two

Schoolhouse Rock, Take Two By Melissa Conroy When you graduated from high school, it’s likely that the only students at college were in their teens or early twenties. College was essentially the haunt of the young and foolish, providing newly minted adults a place to obtain an education, consume controlled substances and occasionally run around […]

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Go The Distance: Online College and You

Go The Distance: Online College and You By Melissa Conroy College has changed dramatically in the past several decades, and there have never been as many opportunities for all sorts of people to gain a college education as there are today. Retired people, single parents, international students and disabled people are some of the many […]

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LEARNING A NEW LANGUAGE IS EASIER THAN YOU THINK By Louise Whiteside               Have you ever doubted you could master a foreign language?  Do you have painful memories of arduous drills and verb conjugations in high school French or Spanish classes?  Well, there’s good news:  Today’s language-learning techniques are easier, more natural and more fun […]

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Learning is Lifelong – Take a Continuing Education Course

  Learning is Lifelong Take a Continuing Education Course By Leah Lancione            After retirement or once empty nest syndrome has lingered a month too long, many an erudite adult considers taking a continuing education course at a local university or community college. In addition to reviving brain cells through learning, taking a class can […]

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Make Your Life About Learning

  MAKE YOUR LIFE ABOUT LEARNING By Terry D. Portis, Ed.D. In writing an opinion piece about learning, a gentleman in his 50s announced his time for learning was over – he was done with it. In his view, he had finally “arrived,” his accumulated knowledge and wisdom were at their zenith. When I read […]

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