PICKLEBALL FOR FUN, FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP By Joanne R. Alloway             When a former racquetball partner from Texas called and said she was playing pickleball twice a week, I laughed. What on earth is that, I asked? She couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of it or tried it. She said it was the rage in […]

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The Gambler

The Gambler By Ellen Moyer Gambling is America’s favorite pastime. Attesting to human passion for games of chance, revenue investment is in the billions, two times greater than money spent on fast foods, movies and musical recordings. Evangelists abhor it and some religious sects outlaw it. The rest of the world seems to accept it […]

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Polocrosse: King of the One-Horse Sport

Polocrosse: King of the One-Horse Sport By Betsy Hickok Polocrosse is similar to lacrosse except it may be more fun. It’s played on horseback. Known as the king of the one-horse sports, it’s unlike polo where a player has several horses available to play. In Polocrosse, only one horse can be played by a player […]

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MAY THE Q BE WITH U By Maureen Smith As we get older we need all the teasers we can come up with to keep those brain cells generating.  My husband and I actually race to see who will start the day’s crossword puzzle.  One starts it and the other adds to it  — and […]

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Are Wii Fit?

Are Wii Fit? By Cindy Rott The Wii Video Gaming system (a Nintendo product) is all the rage, but is it for you? Senior centers across the country are having Olympic Wii tournaments and physical rehabilitation centers are having their patients doing rehab while playing a game. Critics are wowed with the video game console […]

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Games People Play  Finding Hidden Treasure by the Bay By Cheryl Rhodes             Geocaching is a treasure hunt game enjoyed by thousands of people of all ages that is a wonderful excuse to get people to bundle up and get out of the house to discover new places in their community. It’s a noncompetitive game […]

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Catch Phrase – It’s Fast, It’s Fun, It Will Have You Tongue Tied

Catch Phrase – It’s Fast, It’s Fun, It Will Have You Tongue Tied By Cindy Rott           Catch Phrase!  It’s one of the most fun and fast-moving games that we’ve discovered in a long time. It’s easily transportable, consisting of a five-inch, battery-operated disk. Turn it on, punch the button, a word pops up that […]

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Scrabble Flash: the Transportable Game

Scrabble Flash: the Transportable Game By Cindy Rott      Scrabble Flash is a fast, fun, portable game. All that’s involved is to move the five electronic cubes to make different words — with all due haste. Each cube is smaller than a deck of cards and every time you play, a different letter is displayed […]

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