Dear Vicki

Dear Vicki In Sickness and in Health I worry too much, especially about medical problems. This seems to be getting worse as I age, but I think I have good reason to fret. Friends are coming down with terrible illnesses and spouses are dying! What can I do right now to prepare for a health […]

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When Family Needs Care

WHEN FAMILY NEEDS CARE, Part 1 By Steven R. Fleming One of the realities of planning for or living in retirement is that one may wind up also caring for an aging parent or relative. A 2012 study by the Alzheimer’s Association revealed 43.5 million of adult family members are caring for someone more than […]

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What Does an Eye Doctor See in a Patient’s Eyes?

What Does an Eye Doctor See in a Patient’s Eyes? By Michael J. Dodd, MD Many patients ask me what I can see when I examine their eyes. I will try here to outline briefly in lay terms what we see during an eye exam and describe what we are looking for. Perhaps the most […]

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Power Up en Mass – Its more fun with friends

Power Up en Masse It’s more fun with friends  By Penelope Folsom Heard enough about all the wonderful benefits of exercise? Ready to get out there and be a part of this expanding group of hard bodies with firm muscles and great pecs? Well, something like that. There are many organized groups in the area […]

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Solving the Mystery of Dental Fees and Insurance

Solving the Mystery of Dental Fees and Insurance By Elaina O’Toole It’s no secret that dental care costs are always on the rise. Dental care is not a commodity. It’s not coffee or milk or wireless minutes. It’s a professional service that’s both art and a science. The skill and experience of dentists varies widely […]

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Blue Hour: A Common Prescription for Improved Mental Health and Mood

Blue Hour: A Common Prescription for Improved Mental Health and Mood By David P. Davis The Summer crowds have gone, leaving the place vibrant but peaceful. On the one side are shops selling candy or ice cream or T-shirts, and on the other yards of sand fringed with waves. Little feet in pink flip-flops dance […]

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Getting Involved is Good for Your Health

BAY VOLUNTEERS Getting Involved is Good For Your Health By Tanya St. John Arundel Lodge is a nonprofit organization located in Edgewater. It provides treatment services and programs for men, women, young people and their families living with mental health and substance use disorders — serving about 3,000 community members. Volunteers from the community provide […]

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Tips for Getting Yourself Back to Sleep

Tips for Getting Yourself Back to Sleep By Leah Lancione Everyone knows getting enough and quality sleep is vital to overall well-being. However, many people continue to deal with sleepless nights or erratic sleep patterns. The National Sleep Foundation ( advises that even though changes to sleep patterns are a normal part of the aging […]

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TRY THESE “STAY-YOUNG” TIPS By Penelope Folsom             If like most boomers, you’re in an ongoing battle to stave off the effects and signs of aging, give these tried and true suggestions a whirl and see if you don’t feel better and look better too. 1. Get Moving. How many times have you heard that […]

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Strategies for Improving Your Memory

Strategies for Improving Your Memory By Leah Lancione  “It’s normal to forget things from time to time, and it’s normal to become somewhat more forgetful as you age,” so says the Harvard Health Publications website of the Harvard Medical School. The question is whether your memory loss is within the scope of normal now that […]

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Lyme Disease and the Eye

Lyme Disease and the Eye By Michael J. Dodd, MD Lyme disease is an infectious disease which was first described in Old Lyme, Connecticut, in 1975. It is caused by a spiral-shaped bacteria (spirochete) called Borrelia burgdorferi. This organism is transmitted to humans by a deer tick, Ixodes scapularis. The deer tick actually gets the […]

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DIETING DELICIOUSLY By Louise Whiteside             If you’re like me, you can remember a day when dieting meant bland, uninteresting foods and plenty of forbidden fare. You were warned not to eat (or to limit severely) sugars, fats, simple carbohydrates, and basically, all the ingredients that made food taste good. A diet in years gone […]

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Healthy and Happy at Sea

 Healthy and Happy at Sea By Kathryn Marchi It’s always big news when a cruise ship has to return to port because of an outbreak of illness among the passengers. Hard-earned vacations are ruined and the cruise line loses money and time, right along with its employees. The cruise line’s reputation is greatly diminished which […]

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Eight-Legged Terrors By the Bay

Eight-Legged Terrors By the Bay         By Henry S. Parker             This is not an article about the octopus. Those eight-legged sea creatures don’t inhabit Chesapeake Bay, and they’re far less scary than the subject creature here. The Bay Area offers some of the finest walks on the East Coast. The region abounds with charming […]

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Be on Guard Against Hurting Your Back

Be on Guard Against Hurting Your Back By Alessandro Speciale, MD An entire front line protects a quarterback. But what about your back? Who’s making sure it doesn’t get roughed up? You need a game plan to guard against back pain. That’s especially true if you’re at high risk. Nearly 80 percent of adults have […]

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Parsley Past and Present

Parsley Past and Present By Barbara Aiken About that emerald green, magical herb in your garden. Where did it all begin, how is it used today? Parsley, the underutilized and oversimplified herb, is the most popular in the world.  Is that an oxymoron; well, yes and no. Parsley has earned the highest award in the […]

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Oral Cancer and the Scary Truth

Oral Cancer and the Scary Truth By Dr. Joe Passaro The National Cancer Institute (NCI) estimates that each year, more than 30,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer in the United States. More than two-thirds of the cases occur in men and most are over the age of 60 years old. Oral cancer can develop […]

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Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Body

Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Body By Kater Leatherman             “If you want greater prosperity in your life, start forming a vacuum to receive it,” writes inspirational author Catherine Ponder. The next time you’re in the mood to create some space for self-exploration, ask yourself if you have a healthy relationship with your body. […]

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Bees in Your Backyard: A Hobby Full of Sweetness and Light

Bees in Your Backyard: A Hobby Full of Sweetness and Light By Kirsten S. Traynor Have you toyed with the idea of keeping your own honeybee hive? Perhaps you want pollinators for your garden. Or maybe a taste of honey from a local beekeeper stirred a desire to harvest your own. Possibly you’ve heard bees […]

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What Fitness Aid is Best for You?

What Fitness Aid is Best for You? By Leah Lancione Back in the day you only needed a pair of sneakers and an outfit—maybe a pair of running shorts and a tank top or a leotard and exercise tights for your workout. However, these days there’s a plethora of exercise apparel from compression tights, tanks […]

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