Walking Among the Spirits of the Deceased

Walking Among the Spirits of the Deceased By Ellen Moyer My longtime friend was fond of saying that cemeteries are great places to walk. The cemeteries of St. Anne’s Church and the old City Cemetery near the heart of Annapolis are two such places. It was a cool Fall day as I set out, just […]

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The Dome Revealed

The Dome Revealed By Ellen Moyer  It is back! Shredded of its veil and gloriously white, the State House dome is once again watching over the citizens of Annapolis as it has for almost 250 years. The distinctive towering wooden dome is rich in history and beauty. Designed by Joseph H. Andersen, built by Charles […]

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The Day President Taft Came to Town

The Day President Taft Came to Town By Ellen Moyer It was springtime in Annapolis, April 10, 1911. The townsfolk were out and about in anticipation of a big happening. Crowds milled about the grounds of St. Johns College. St. Johns at that time was a military college, and cadets joined local residents. Midshipmen from […]

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Maryland’s POW Camps in World War II

 Maryland’s POW Camps in World War II By Ellen Moyer The sirens whistled. Lights went off, black curtains blanketed windows. It was 1942. World War II was raging 3,000 miles away. All along the East Coast blackout drills were preparing citizens against Hitler’s Luftwaffe that were blitzing London. My father was the neighborhood air raid […]

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Getting the Late Word from Lexington

Getting the Late Word from Lexington By Tom Lloyd The shot heard round the world? Nobody here in Maryland even noticed. At least, not right away. Word didn’t filter down this far south until about a week or so after the fact. It was a horsepower thing. Listen my children! And you shall hear: It […]

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Maryland Day Explained

“Maryland Day” Explained By Kathryn Marchi It is always nice to be reminded of the history of our state. Every year, on March 25, we celebrate the founding of Maryland but how many of us remember the details? How did “Maryland Day” become a legal holiday? Here’s some background: Maryland Day celebrates the anniversary of […]

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