It’s Never too Late to Put a Plan in Place for Your Parents

It’s Never too Late to Put a Plan in Place for Your Parents By Leah Lancione Nobody likes talking about it, but if you are a baby boomer whose parents are still living, there’s no time like the present to set up a plan to ensure their quality of life is maintained to the very […]

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And the Scams Go On

And the Scams Go On By M. Smith This week I found myself scammed. I thought I was reasonably savvy about such things. Usually I don’t even answer the phone in my house unless I know the caller is known. As we are planning a trip to Quebec City in the near future, I answered […]

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Bay Reflections: Silo or Share

Silo or Share? By Nancy Lincoln Reynolds Recently I had a conversation with a young man who works in security research. His words suggested to me a correlation between cyber and personal vulnerability, while he was articulating an awareness of feeling unusually emotional. He described himself as having too much “attack surface.” I had to […]

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How to Make New Friends – Five Quick Tips

How to Make New Friends Five Quick Tips 1.Join a group such as a golf club, church group, club specific to your special interest, or a local organization such as one that represents your political party. Whatever you’re currently interested in, there’s bound to be a group to join. If a group can’t be found, […]

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Mature Entrepreneurs – It’s Your Time

Mature Entrepreneurs—It’s Your Time! By Doug Hickok Did you know that baby boomers between ages 55 and 64 are the fastest growing age group of new entrepreneurs in the United States? And, that more than half of all owners of small businesses are over 50? As the economy strengthens, eight out of 10 new entrepreneurs […]

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Working Your Way Out to Sea

Working Your Way Out to Sea By Kathryn Marchi In the past, one of the most frustrating things about being a “senior” citizen was the fact that we have so much experience and knowledge and no one wants to hear it! In today’s world, however, the number of seniors has risen to the point that […]

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Coaching and Connecting

Coaching and Connecting By Leah Lancione Grandparenting expert Susan Adcox says, “Grandparents probably fall roughly into three categories: those who love sports, those who somewhat interested in them and those who are totally indifferent to sports but love their grandchildren.” If you fall into any of those categories, consider getting more involved in your grandchild’s […]

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Blue Hour: A Common Prescription for Improved Mental Health and Mood

Blue Hour: A Common Prescription for Improved Mental Health and Mood By David P. Davis The Summer crowds have gone, leaving the place vibrant but peaceful. On the one side are shops selling candy or ice cream or T-shirts, and on the other yards of sand fringed with waves. Little feet in pink flip-flops dance […]

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The Fun and the Fizzle of Owning and Running a Bed and Breakfast

The Fun and the Fizzle Of Owning and Running a Bed and Breakfast By Tricia Herban For almost seven years, my husband and I shared our home in the heart of historic Annapolis with paying guests. This was a retirement career for which we had no prior formal training except a love of cooking, a […]

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Top Ten Reasons to Celebrate Reaching the Age of Grand Maturity

TOP TEN REASONS TO CELEBRATE REACHING THE AGE OF GRAND MATURITY 1.You actually have a few hours that you can call your own, which allows you to pursue whatever leisure activities you choose, be it reading the newspaper through half the morning or taking the time to finish either writing or reading that book you’ve […]

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It’s Never too Late to Go Back to School

It’s Never too Late to Go Back to School By Leah Lancione Now that Summer has come to a close and students are back in school you may be thinking fondly of your days spent in academia. On the other hand, maybe you never went to college and always wished you had. Well, it’s never […]

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Where to Next?

Where to Next??     By Penelope Folsom Recently my good friend Joan moved into a retirement community. Asked why she had made that choice, she said she and her husband carefully considered all the different options and for them, it was the right thing. Both she and Dick, her husband of more than 50 […]

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So You Want to Start a Book Club

So You Want to Start a Book Club By Beth Schmelzer and Marcia Feliciano Once upon a time there were two good friends who loved to read. Whenever Beth and Marcia got together, their conversations always included a chat about books they were reading, books they had read, books in untidy stacks that they looked […]

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 ROMEOS & JULIETS By Maureen Smith Have you always thought of yourself as a Romeo? Now that you are retired and looking for any and every chance to get out of the house, why not form a Romeo Club? There are hundreds of these fun groups across the country. And how did they come up with […]

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Is A Continuing Care Retirement Community for Me?

Is A Continuing Care Retirement Community for Me? By Peggy Kiefer             We all know that aging is inevitable and that the time may come when we will need to consider moving out of our homes and into a retirement community of some kind. The first question might be: What kind of retirement community am […]

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TRY THESE “STAY-YOUNG” TIPS By Penelope Folsom             If like most boomers, you’re in an ongoing battle to stave off the effects and signs of aging, give these tried and true suggestions a whirl and see if you don’t feel better and look better too. 1. Get Moving. How many times have you heard that […]

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A System Check Up for Boomers and Beyond

A System Check Up for Boomers and Beyond By Victoria Duncan Has your computer ever gone wonky on you? Maybe pages aren’t displayed correctly, websites are loading too slowly or you have files that have disappeared. Maybe something just seems off, but you haven’t been able to put your finger on it. Glancing through the […]

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Dear Vicki

Dear Vicki Tightening our belts My husband and I both took early retirement. Perhaps we retired too early because we now need to tighten our financial belts. Our investments haven’t done as well as we hoped and our house is not worth the amount we anticipated. I feel stressed about our change in circumstances and […]

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LOOKING BACK – Why Did it Take Decades to Learn These Rules?

LOOKING BACK  – WHY DID IT TAKE DECADES TO LEARN THESE RULES? Everyone makes mistakes, usually a lot of them. Make the most of yours. Learn from them, lick your wounds and then get back out there and try again. (It’s said that Edison failed over 1,000 times.)  Trust but verify. Too many undocumented “facts” […]

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Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Body

Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Body By Kater Leatherman             “If you want greater prosperity in your life, start forming a vacuum to receive it,” writes inspirational author Catherine Ponder. The next time you’re in the mood to create some space for self-exploration, ask yourself if you have a healthy relationship with your body. […]

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