Ask the Undertaker – Your Pet

Ask the Undertaker The year was 2002 when the cremation industry was forever changed. In what would become a 40 million dollar lawsuit, heavy state regulation and an overhaul of proper management in the world of cremation, a situation arose in Georgia. Let’s just say in very simple terms, a crematory wasn’t doing their job. […]

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WHEN IT’S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR PET By Kater Leatherman             People are spending thousands of dollars to prolong the lives of their pets.  Instead of making them comfortable, we are seeking cures for their old age, ultimately changing the natural course of things. At some point, we have to ask ourselves: What […]

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Treating Your Pets Safely

Treating Your Pets Safely By Joan Amundsen In a lifestyle survey conducted by Gallup, a 44 percent sample of Americans own a dog and 29 percent own a cat. And 70 percent of Americans in the survey describe themselves as “a dog person.” Gallup found that dog owners are more likely to give gifts to […]

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When Surgery is Required, Your Pet Depends on You

When Surgery is Required, Your Pet Depends on You By Tom Lloyd Choosing your own doctor, regardless of how you feel about Obamacare, can be tough. Choosing the right doctor for your pet, however, can be even tougher and if your animal suddenly needs surgery, that selection process can quickly become a nightmare. It really […]

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Rescue Dogs

Rescue Dogs By Henry S. Parker Sallie is a champion West Highland terrier, a specimen of the breed who has produced two litters of pups that are on track to become show dogs themselves. Sallie is a rescue dog. When you think “rescue dog” do you visualize a sad-eyed canine waif in dire need of […]

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