Power Up en Mass – Its more fun with friends

Power Up en Masse It’s more fun with friends  By Penelope Folsom Heard enough about all the wonderful benefits of exercise? Ready to get out there and be a part of this expanding group of hard bodies with firm muscles and great pecs? Well, something like that. There are many organized groups in the area […]

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Coaching and Connecting

Coaching and Connecting By Leah Lancione Grandparenting expert Susan Adcox says, “Grandparents probably fall roughly into three categories: those who love sports, those who somewhat interested in them and those who are totally indifferent to sports but love their grandchildren.” If you fall into any of those categories, consider getting more involved in your grandchild’s […]

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PICKLEBALL FOR FUN, FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP By Joanne R. Alloway             When a former racquetball partner from Texas called and said she was playing pickleball twice a week, I laughed. What on earth is that, I asked? She couldn’t believe I hadn’t heard of it or tried it. She said it was the rage in […]

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Energized by Spieth? Try These Area Courses

                      Energized by Spieth? Try These Area Courses By Leah Lancione             No doubt you heard about youngster Jordan Spieth’s record-breaking win at the 2015 Masters. As an article at PGATOUR.com put it, “the 21-year-old Texan turned in one of the most dominant wins ever at […]

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Polocrosse: King of the One-Horse Sport

Polocrosse: King of the One-Horse Sport By Betsy Hickok Polocrosse is similar to lacrosse except it may be more fun. It’s played on horseback. Known as the king of the one-horse sports, it’s unlike polo where a player has several horses available to play. In Polocrosse, only one horse can be played by a player […]

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What Fitness Aid is Best for You?

What Fitness Aid is Best for You? By Leah Lancione Back in the day you only needed a pair of sneakers and an outfit—maybe a pair of running shorts and a tank top or a leotard and exercise tights for your workout. However, these days there’s a plethora of exercise apparel from compression tights, tanks […]

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The Aging Athlete: Arthritis is Joint Inflammation

The Aging Athlete: Arthritis is Joint Inflammation By Dr. Stephen Faust Joints are formed where two bones meet, allowing for movement and flexibility. In healthy joints, the ends of the bones are covered by a smooth, very slippery substance called cartilage. Cartilage allows a normal joint to move smoothly and painlessly. The average person takes […]

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Getting Back on Your Bike – Terrific at Any Age

Getting Back on your Bike – Terrific at Any Age! By Joanne R. Alloway            Most of us must work in different ways to stay in shape as we age. I felt this profoundly when my knees began hurting, my hair rebelled at swimming in chlorinated pools and my gym visits dwindled to twice weekly. […]

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Pimlico, Maryland’s Premier Horse Racing Track for 143 years

Pimlico, Maryland’s Premier Horse Racing Track for 143 years By Ellen Moyer           According to legend, Colonel W. Randolph Tayloe asked that on his passing that his ashes be spread across the finish line at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore. Such is the passion that horse racing inspires. In Virginia the Tayloe family name is […]

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Time “fore” Taking up Golf!

Time “fore” Taking up Golf! By Leah Lancione To some, golf is nothing more than an expensive, time-consuming activity that prompts some players to wear downright silly attire. To others, golf is a dearly-loved hobby that requires all the skills and dexterity of other major sports—balance, hand-eye coordination, form, precision and plenty of mental fortitude […]

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