Our Focus


  • Targeting the unique needs and interests of the Bay area’s burgeoning boomer/senior  population
  • Bringing information to a specific audience of savvy seniors
  • Articles spotlight travel, health, continuing education, lifestyle, finances, housing,  money matters, Bay area activities, nutrition and an active lifestyle.
Winter(Jan/Feb) Senior Travel

  • Best winter getaways
  • Fun ways to shed holiday pounds
  • Birds in your winter garden
 Early Spring(Mar/Apr)  Money Matters

  • Tax shelters you can use
  • Financial planning for the late beginner
  • Planning and planting for Spring
 Spring(May/Jun)  Gardening

  • Veggies and flowers for the Bay area
  • Three generation family vacations to plan now
  • Walking – still the best exercise
 Summer(Jul/Aug)  Fun on the Bay

  • Cool ways to deal with the heat
  • Best gunkholilng on the Bay
  • Grandkids for the week!
 Fall(Sep/Oct)  Active Life Styles

  • Best, not to be missed Fall hikes
  • Bike trails around the Bay
  • Live, laugh and love to a better life
 Holiday(Nov/Dec)   Holiday Fun

  • Favorite gifts – to give and to receive
  • Easy inexpensive decorations
  • Houseguests – to have one or to be one

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