Purpose, Passion and a Paycheck

Purpose, Passion and a Paycheck   By Terry D. Portis           People in their 20s are regularly asked what their major is, or what career they plan to go into. Somewhere along the way we stop asking, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” In recent years, though, people in their 50s […]

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There be Dragons

BAY VIEW  Words from the desk             There be dragons.  Or so it warned in Latin near the eastern coast of Asia on the early 16th century Lenox globe. When there was no clear definition or knowledge of what was out past where explorers and adventurers had gone, those words were believed by many people, […]

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Three Myths About People Over 50

Three Myths About People Over 50 By Terry Portis When I teach an introduction to psychology course, I give an assignment that asks students to examine advertising and see how people from different age groups are portrayed. They report a lot of stereotyping and assumptions that people in certain age ranges are pretty much all […]

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Retirement Can Be Just the Beginning

RETIREMENT CAN BE JUST THE BEGINNING It’s the perfect time to follow your dream. By Kathryn Marchi      It is said that participating in a hobby or passion creates positive emotions, a sense of well-being and good physical health. If, by chance, it turns into a profit-making venture, that’s an added bonus.      There are […]

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