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OutLook by the Bay is a bi-monthly magazine devoted to the interests of the active Chesapeake Bay area senior.  Our mission is to inform our readers on issues that directly pertain to them, such as lifestyle, finances, health, nutrition, housing or activities geared toward the “Bay Boomer.”  Our writers use an upbeat and informative style, always presenting a positive approach to life.  We have columns devoted to health, fitness, interesting finds, gardening and discoveries in the Bay area.

Articles that will be considered for OutLook need to be upbeat, motivational – if applicable, chatty/conversational, entertaining and informative.  The reader is typically over 50, retired or a part-timer.  He/she has disposable income, is active and curious, travels and is often involved in volunteer work.  The reader needs to come away with a positive feeling of “I can do that,” or “I didn’t know that” or “sign me up.”

The article should be 500-1500 words with sidebar information.  The author needs to include a two sentence bio with email address for comments or correspondence.  Don’t forget to include your name on the article!

Here are a few suggestions – please feel free to submit your own ideas:

  • Walk your way to good health
  • Educational opportunities for seniors
  • Travel deals for the senior citizen
  • Maintaining the youthful brain
  • Volunteer opportunities overseas
  • Spinach (pumpkin, whatever) the new wonder food
  • Investment strategies for the late beginner
  • Five most common medical complaints of the active senior
  • Is a motor home right for you
  • What to look for in a hiking or walking shoe
  • To keep the single family home or buy a condo
  • Conversations you need to have with your children – now
  • Hidden historic sites in the Bay area
  • Mastering the computer (or eBay or iTunes) for the late beginner
  • Tips for writing the memoir
  • Container gardening – quick, easy, successful
  • Book reviews of interest to seniors

Please note that at this time we are not accepting poetry, short stories,  profiles or bio’s of local personalities.

Payment for accepted articles will be made on publication.   OutLook maintains first serial rights – it’s your article, we get first chance at publishing it. Reprints considered but please be sure to let us know. 

Articles should be emailed to Editor@OutLookbytheBay.com

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